Tegal 6500 HRe Dual Frequency Etch


Tegal 6500 HRe- Etch Introduction

Unique High Density Source Technology 6500 HRe Dual Frequency Etch Cluster Tool

The 6500 HRe is a high-density CCP plasma etch cluster tool featuring dual-frequency RF power application and magnetic plasma confinement. The system can be configured with one or two HRe etch modules on a high-vacuum cluster platform.

Typical 6510 HRe applications for the semiconductor industry include polysilicon/silicide gate etch, shallow trench isolation (STI) etch, selective anisotropic nitride etch (LOCOS and spacer), and anisotropic nitride and oxide hard mask open etch. The 6510 is optimized for device design rules down to 90nm.

6520 HRe applications for the semiconductor industry include sub-micron aluminum alloy interconnect stack etch and anisotropic thick (>2 micron) aluminum alloy interconnect etch. Typical applications for the telecommunications industry include HBT/HEMT gate mesa and recess etch. The 6520 HRe product includes patented onboard Rinse-Strip-Rinse™ (RSR) process capability. A key feature of RSR technology is its ability to minimize the corrosive damage and eliminate the residues generally associated with etching aluminum and iron based metals.

The 6540 HRe system is a critical enabler for etching new materials such as platinum and iridium electrode and capacitor structures, ferroelectric materials (PZT, SBT), high-k dielectric materials (BST, STO), and gold interconnect etch. The 6540 is optimized for device design rules down to 90nm. The SIA noted in its Technology Roadmap that the “introduction of new materials into silicon integrated circuit manufacturing” is proceeding at a “rate that is unprecedented in the history of the industry.” These new materials are used in developing the latest generation of high-density, high-performance DRAM devices and embedded memory devices. The 6540 is also widely used by non-volatile, ferroelectric random access memory (FeRAM) device makers and have been integrated into integrated passive devices.


  • Polysilicon and Silicide gate etch
  • Shallow trench isolation etch
  • Aluminum interconnect etch with onboard Rinse-Strip-Rinse passivation
  • Noble and advanced metal electrode etch (Pt, Ir, IrO2, and Au)
  • Ferroelectric, piezoelectric and High-K dielectric etch (PZT, SBT, and BST)

Features and Specifications:

  • 100mm, 125mm, 150mm and 200mm wafer handling
  • Small footprint with a single external rack for RF power supplies
  • Advanced dual frequency CCP plasma source
  • Programmable wafer handling for serial or parallel, dual or single load lock operation
  • Temperature controlled electrodes
  • Graphical User Interface with LCD touchscreen monitor
  • Built in data logging and graphing
  • SECS/GEM factory automation support


  • High throughput for low cost of ownership
  • Low consumable parts cost
  • Wide variety of cluster configurations
  • OEM Group commitment to improvements and upgrades

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