SST Batch Spray Solvent

OEM Group Spray Batch

SST Batch Spray Solvent Introduction

Leveraging an innovative enhanced spray technology, the SST offers wet-chemical processing to meet most any application demand. OEM Group’s SST processes multiple wafer sizes with one carrier change.  With the smallest footprint (12 sq ft) among similar equipment, the Spray Solvent Tool not only saves fab-floor real estate, it also enables high up-time and low CoO.


  • Poly etch clean, polymer removal BEOL
  • Resist developing, positive or negative photo-resist strip
  • Substrate and mask cleaning
  • Metal lift off, flux removal
  • Post Dice clean


  • B&R Industrial PLC, motor controller and PC
  • Pilz programmable EMO circuit
  • Rotary encoder for RPM monitoring and control
  • SMC solenoids via bus-interface
  • Eddysonic Vortex flow meter for standard applications
  • Process-critical items manufactured by OEM Group to ensure integrity


  • Mechanical and centrifugal forces on wafers rotating in a closed chamber assist and enhance the reaction of chemicals on the wafer surface
  • Closed-loop process control for statistical consistency
  • Continuously recycled and filtered chemicals
  • Excellent temperature control through precision, rapid chemical heating
  • Industrial-standard controller provides chemical delivery flexibility to match process requirements
  • Wafers rotate within a cassette, increasing effectiveness and assuring even surface coverage
  • On-axis orientation keeps wafers parallel in a closed chamber with multiple spray manifolds to simultaneously bathe both sides of the product
  • Programming versatility allows control of process chemical routing to match specific requirements
  • High throughput for low cost of ownership
  • Flexibility: Two-, four-, or seven-tank configurations and a small footprint cabinet to house process chambers, product carriers and quick-disconnect rotors for wafers up to 200mm
  • Zero clean-room floor space for flush-mount systems; the smallest footprint-to-throughput ratio of any solvent processor available
  • CAD-designed for operator safety with protection redundancy and numerous software and hardware interlocks
  • Low DI water use
  • Minimal exhaust requirements
  • Chemical reclaiming capability to minimize chemical usage
  • Modular construction and service-friendly, low-maintenance design
  • OEM Group’s patented SEP21 electro-polished tanks, chambers and rotors minimize metallic ion contamination
  • Controlled environment provides consistent, repeatable performance
  • Simple, intuitive Pentium-based, touch screen control system requires minimal training

EST Enhanced Spray Technology:

  • Multi-nozzle Enhanced Spray Technology ensures uniform coverage to both sides of the wafer surface, a critical factor in smaller geometries
  • Delivers process improvement through uniform media flow
  • Increased rinse efficiency
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