SOT Batch Spray Ozone

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SOT Spray Ozone Introduction

OEM Group’s Spray Ozone Tool (SOT) offers field-proven hardware together with industrial standard components. High throughput, low chemical consumption and OEM Group’s proven process performance mean low cost of ownership. Patented Hydrozone and Flurozone processes offer an economical alternative to the traditional H2SO4/H2O2 process to make photo resist strip, photo rework, or organic contamination removal fast, affordable and efficient.


  • Photo-resist strip
  • Post ash clean
  • Post etch clean
  • Surface preparation FEOL and BEOL


  • B&R Industrial PLC, motor controller and PC
  • Pilz programmable EMO circuit
  • Rotary encoder for RPM monitoring and control
  • SMC solenoids via bus-interface
  • Eddysonic Vortex flow meter for standard applications
  • Process-critical items manufactured by OEM Group to ensure integrity


  • Eliminates process and tool complexity by leveraging OEM Group’s Hydrozone and Flurozone processes
  • 25- and 50- wafer batch process – high throughput and semi-automated
  • Reduced drag out and chemical & DI water consumption mean low cost of ownership
  • Flexible chemical configurations
  • Components are universal across spray batch platforms
  • Modular construction and service-friendly design, replaces large wet benches by 1/10th of required footprint

EST Enhanced Spray Technology:

  • Delivers process improvement through uniform media flow
  • Nozzle-per-wafer concept ensures:
    • Uniform flow
    • Increased rinse efficiency
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