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Semitool Spin Rinse Dryer (SRD)

The #1 SRD on the Planet Just Got Better

Upgraded Standard New Features:

  • CABINET: Ergonomically designed chambers for different operator heights. Spin Rinse Dryer’s laminar flow cabinet design prevents accumulation of particles.
  • DOOR: Automatic door lock, larger viewing window, and improved N2 inflatable seal to prevent window cracking.
  • STATUS LIGHT: Light bar above SRD display alerts user of tool status.
  • BRUSHLESS MOTOR: With high resolution encoder, quick ramp with recipe programmable acceleration/deceleration, 0-2800 rpm, stable lower speeds, gas flow seal for less maintenance and elimination of O-Rings.
  • IMPROVED VIBRATION ISOLATION: Provides protection for fragile substrates and less wear on components for longevity.
  • N2 HEATER: Temperature programmable non-contact element N2 heater for efficient reduced particle wafer drying.
  • N2 Regulation and Monitoring: Monitor and prevent over pressurization of door seal and tool components that could cause damage and excessive particles.
  • N2 Purge Saver: Saves up to 23 liters of N2 per minute while the tool is idle.

Semitool Spin Rinse Dryer Benefits:

  • 10.1” HD touch screen with enhanced graphical recipe editing
  • Smart Parts machine intelligence for enhanced predictive maintenance
  • Small profile to minimize fab floor space
  • Over 95% up time
  • <20 adders @ 0.2μm per wafer
  • Low cost of ownership (use of DI and N2 utilities only)
  • SRD Controller system built using industry standard components
  • High throughout (25 wafer lots)
  • Electro-polished chamber & rotor
  • Proven BKM recipe pre-loaded onto controller
  • OEM Group stocks a wide variety of Semitool Spare Parts for SRDs
  • More than 25,000 Semitool Spin Rinse Dryers shipped worldwide

Semitool Spin Rinse Dryer SRD

Semitool SRD with Smartparts