OEM Group Foundry Services

Foundry Services

OEM Group Foundry Services Introduction

OEM Group supports the AlN market by offering high-quality foundry services performed in the applications lab of our world headquarters in metro Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

Services utilize the SFI Endeavor AT PVD platform to produce piezoelectric AlN films on a variety of 50-mm to 200-mm wafers used in SAW, BAW, FBAR and MEMS.

Equipped with an AC (40 kHz) powered S-Gun magnetron, the Endeavor AT PVD cluster tool possesses proven advanced sputter technology guaranteed to produce superior film crystallinity, uniformity and precise stress adjustment.

We also support customer R&D projects by helping optimize devices and technology as well as by developing deposition processes suited for specific customer requirements.

Foundry Services Include:

  • Deposition of film stack consisting of Mo-AlN-Mo
  • Two-step deposition with patterning
  • Single AlN film deposition with thickness of 50nm to 4μm
  • Deposition on a wide variety of wafers: Si, SiO2, SOI, SiC, Quartz, Glass
  • Guaranteed superior film crystallinity, uniformity, and precise stress adjustment
  • Control of in-plane stress in AlN and Mo films

SFI Endeavor AT PVD System:

  • Utilized for foundry service
  • Developed for mass production
  • Multi-module Cluster Tool
  • Configurable up to 5 process modules
  • Soft and damage free pre-clean RF Etch (PRF) Module
  • Gentle transfer system for reliable handling both thick (up to 6 mm) substrates as well as ultra thin (65 µm) wafers

Sputter-up Deposition:

  • Series 4.4 S-Gun Magnetron: Advanced DC sputter source for metal deposition
  • Series 4.6 S-Gun Magnetron: Unique AC powered magnetron for reactive sputtering
  • Excellent film uniformity
  • Better than 0.5% wafer to wafer film thickness repeatability
  • Precision control of film structure characteristics
  • High-adhesive films including multi-layer stacks
  • Sophisticated stress control technology in metal, semiconductor, and dielectric films
  • Dense, ultra clean, and particle free films

Why OEM Group?:

  • Use of reliable well developed technology
  • Careful expert analysis of all technical requirements
  • Precise process adjustments to satisfy needs
  • Professional reputation based on comprehensive hands-on experience

Endeavor Foundry

OEM Group Foundry Services technologists use the SFI Endeavor AT PVD System

Endeavor Plasma

AlN reactive sputtering on 100mm quartz wafer

Cross-section of process module for AC reactive sputtering

AlN Device

SEM of an AlN-on-silicon resonator fabricated by the Microsystems group at Oklahoma State University