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OEM Group Announces New Cintillio-S Automated Batch Wet Chemical Processing System

Integrating industrial automation with the world-class Cintillio batch processing platform increases efficiency and performance for 200mm and 300mm processing

PHOENIX, 14 September 2015 – Global semiconductor capital equipment manufacturer OEM Group announced today that it has launched its new Cintillio-S automated batch wet chemical processing system. This automated batch system integrates industrial automation with the Cintillio platform, which continues to be the leading system for both Acid and Solvent processing since its introduction in 2009. This next evolution provides automated wafer handling technology and replaces the SEMITOOL Spectrum and Magnum platforms which were acquired last year from Applied Materials.

“The Cintillio-S incorporates all of the excellent features of Cintillio and adds the advantages of industrial automation,” said Graham Pye, CPT Product Manager at OEM Group. “Using Cintillio as the base processing module and incorporating industrial automation on the front-end allows us to move away from the custom-design philosophy used in the Spectrum and Magnum platforms. The use of common electro- mechanical components for both the process and automation modules ensures supply chain continuity for end- users. In addition, the use of Cintillio process module ensures existing Spectrum and Magnum users have a seamless process transfer from these older platforms.”

With global demand for semiconductor devices increasing and the constant pressure to deliver those products at minimal cost, today’s manufacturers increasingly seek to maximize tool utilization. These firms—particularly those utilizing wafers at 200mm and above, or seeking to invest in technology to produce at this level— universally view automation as an essential element for increasing efficiency and process throughput as a means of meeting this objective.

“The main drivers for automation at 200mm and above is to reduce manual operator intervention and dependency”, states Paul Inman, CPT Business Development at OEM Group. “This provides ergonomic relief to operators, fulfills the automation requirements of SMIF and FOUP operations, and has the added advantage of automated wafer control. The Cintillio-S handling solution is well-suited for those manufacturers who require an automated wet processing mini-environment in a compact footprint, including power semiconductor, CMOS IC, Advanced Packaging, MEMS, and LED applications.”

Through higher productivity, robust automation, and advanced process control, the state-of-the-art Cintillio-S platform provides effective Acid, Solvent, and Ozone process solutions for FEOL and BEOL manufacturing, as well as wafer-scale packaging, with low cost-of-ownership. By leveraging the advantages of the Cintillio G2 system—including flexible chemical layout, modern controller design and diagnostics, and efficient exhaust design and facility requirements—the Cintillio-S gives manufacturers the tool it needs to meet its production demands today and in the future.

About Cintillio

Since its introduction in 2009 as a replacement for the SEMITOOL batch processing platform, Cintillio continues to be the leading platform for Acid, Ozone, and Solvent processing in Power Device, CMOS IC, MEMS, and, now, LED applications. Please visit Cintillio Wet-Chemical Processing Systems for more information about Cintillio.