MRC Eclipse Mark IV Controller Upgrade

MRC Eclipse

MRC Eclipse Mark IV Controller Upgrade

As the Original Equipment Manufacturer for the MRC Eclipse product line, our team of engineers developed a controller upgrade, the Epoch, for the MRC Eclipse Mark IV platform.

The Epoch is based on a state-of-the-art workstation running a Linux Operating System. The Epoch is now standard on new Mark IV systems and is also available as a retrofit to existing Mark IV. The controller employs a PCI board which uses the same Industry Pack (IP) modules and interface ribbon cables as the previous controller.

This new controller not only replaces the obsolete Mark IV 68K HI computer, it eliminates the 7-slot VME chassis, PM controller, SECS GEM Computer, X-terminal computers and networking devices which have all been integrated into a single computer platform.


  • Powerful single-platform system with integrated SECS/GEM subsystem
  • Industry-standard and high-density I/O components
  • Interactive easy-to-use software with:
    • Animated graphical system overview
    • Process control set-up
    • Recipe creation
    • High-fidelity device-level simulator
    • Motion vacuum monitoring
    • High-speed messaging services

Features & Benefits:

  • New and improved single platform controller design
    • Eliminates 7-slot and NCD terminal obsolescence issues
    • Increased capacity, scalability, resolution, and reliability
  • User-friendly system graphics presentation
    • Greater ease in navigating through the program
    • New support menu, RAID and hardware diagnostics
  • Improved wafer throughput
    • Up to 29% wafer per hour (wph) increase
  • Linux-based operating system
    • Superior OS stability and reliability eliminating corrupt file issues, system lock-ups, and memory violations
  • HTTP/FTP support for online system documentation
    • Allows seamless, streamline internal processes

MRC Eclipse Mark IV Controller Upgrade

MRC Eclipse Mark IV Controller CPU

MRC Eclipse Mark IV Controller GUI

Easy to Use Graphical System Overview

MRC Eclipse Mark IV Controller GUI Simulation

Animated Graphical System Overview with Device Level Simulation

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