MRC Eclipse Mark II Controller Upgrade

MRC Eclipse

MRC Eclipse Mark II Controller Upgrade

As the Original Equipment Manufacturer for the MRC Eclipse product line, OEM Group’s team of engineers developed a controller upgrade for the MRC Pre-Redux, Star and Mark II platforms. Designed to bring systems up to today’s demanding technological standards, the controller replaces obsolete components using state-of-the-art technology providing seamless data migration and tool reliability.  The controller upgrade allows users to create process recipes, train engineers, and test tool operations directly from the user’s desk using a powerful MRC Eclipse tool simulation program.


  • Two 17″ flat-panel displays
  • Remote operator cart
  • Industry-standard and high-density I/O components
  • Interactive, easy-to-use software with:
    • Animated Graphical Overview of System
    • Tool simulator
    • Process Control Setup
    • Recipe Creation
    • High Fidelity device level simulation mode
    • Motion Vacuum Monitoring

Features & Benefits:

  • User Friendly System Graphics Presentation
  • Greater ease in navigating through the program
    • New HELP interface, RAID, hardware diagnostics and calibration screens
  • Linux-based operating system
    • Superior OS stability and reliability eliminating corrupt file issues, system lock-ups, and memory violations
  • Standard data distribution media: CD/DVD and USB ports
    • Eliminate obsolescence issues relating to older style controllers. Create and test recipes from your desktop and load to a USB drive and transfer data directly to controller.
  • HTTP/FTP support for online system documentation
    • Allows seamless, streamline internal processes
  • Efficient system and wafer handling
    • Faster system re-start and system reboot
  • Improved wafer throughput
    • Eliminates latent motion process times throughout system

Mark II Controller Upgrade

MRC Eclipse Mark IV Controller CPU

MRC Eclipse Simulator

Animated Graphical System Overview with Device Level Simulation

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