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Cintillio CPT

Cintillio Introduction

Cintillio Wet Chemical Processing Systems Break New Technological Ground

As part of the Chemical Process Technology (CPT) group, OEM Group now offers Cintillio Spray Ozone Tool, Spray Acid Tool and Spray Solvent Tool, as well as Scepter, Spin-Rinse Dryer and Storm. This product line expansion is the result of OEM Group’s May 2011 purchase of Rhetech and Semitool Austria GmbH manual batch tool sales and service operations from Applied Materials.

Capable of meeting any wet application demand, the CAD-designed Cintillio products break new technological ground in 25/50 wafer batch process. OEM Group’s versatile wet-chemical processing Cintillio family was conceptualized with end users in mind. Spray Acid Tool (SAT), Spray Solvent Tool (SST) and Spray Ozone Tool (SOT) feature convenient side access, which makes routine maintenance checks both safe and user friendly.  Cintillio’s innovative and proprietary Enhanced Spray Technology, featuring up to six rows of nozzles, ensures high throughput and reliable wafer surface wetting with chemical mixtures.

Cintillio can be configured with up to four onboard chemical tanks, external support of chemical delivery units (CDUs), external O3 generators for Ozone processes and 25- or 50-wafer process loads.

Cintillio processes multiple wafer sizes with a single carrier change. With the smallest footprint among similar equipment, Cintillio products not only save fab floor space, it also enables high up-time and low cost of ownership.  OEM Group also stocks a wide variety of Semitool Cintillio Spare Parts.

Cintillio CPT Models

Cintillio SAT Batch Spray Acid Technology

Cintillio Spray Acid Tool

Cintillio SST Batch Spray Solvent Tool

Cintillio Spray Solvent Tool

Cintillio SOT Batch Spray Ozone Tool

Cintillio Spray Ozone Tool