Cintillio G2 Eco-Strip System

Cintillio CPT

Cintillio G2 Eco-Strip Introduction

The Eco-Strip delivers the OEM Group patented, award winning, Hydrozone and Hydrozone+ processes. The Eco-strip platform, with its small footprint, 50-wafer load, stainless steel chamber and integral Ozone generator, has the most space efficient form factor of any batch, spray or immersion, tool in the industry today.

Download Brochure

Download Cintillio Eco Process Brochure (PDF)

Process Applications:

  • Photoresist Strip
  • Post Ash clean
  • Polymer removal
  • Organic clean
  • Photo rework
  • Wax removal


  • Eliminates SPM, SC1
  • Zero to 7ml chemical consumption/run
  • Reduced DIW consumption up to 85%
  • 50-wafer payload
  • 1M2 footprint


  • Eliminates purchase and disposal costs
  • Reduces Cost per Wafer
  • High productivity
  • Space efficient

OEM Group Cintillio Eco-Strip Tool

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