Cintillio G2 Eco-Clean System

Cintillio CPT

Cintillio G2 Eco-Clean Introduction

The Eco-Clean delivers the OEM Group patented, award winning, Hydrozone and Hyrdozone+, Fluorozone and Fluorozone+ processes. The Eco-Clean platform, with its small footprint, 50-wafer load, Teflon chamber/rotor and integral Ozone generator, has the most space efficient form factor of any batch, spray or immersion, tool in the industry today.

Process Applications:

  • RCA Clean
  • Polymer removal
  • Photoresist strip
  • Organic clean
  • Trench clean
  • Post Dice clean


  • Eliminates SPM, SC1, SC2
  • Zero to 7ml chemical consumption/run
  • Reduced DIW consumption up to 85%
  • 50-wafer payload
  • 1M2 footprint


  • Eliminates purchase and disposal costs
  • Reduces Cost per Wafer
  • High productivity
  • Space efficient

OEM Group Cintillio Eco-Strip Tool

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