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AGHeatpulse 8108 & 8800 RTP

The AGHeatpulse 8108 and 8800 rapid thermal processing (RTP) system is manufactured exclusively by OEM Group. Utilizing state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, OEM Group offers both new and refurbished systems, retrofits, upgrades, OEM-direct spare parts, and field service.

AGHeatpulse 8108 and 8800 Systems:

  • Automated wafer handling from 75mm to 200mm
  • Atmospheric pressure, Halogen Lamp technology
  • 28 Lamps in patented cross lamp design
  • Pyrometer control from 400c to 1200c
  • Thermocouple control from 200c to 1200c
  • Small footprint – only 18 sq ft
  • 10 lamp control zones for 8108

AGHeatpulse 8800 RTP

AGHeatpulse Models

AGHeatpulse 8108 RTP

AGHeatpulse Wafer Handling

AGHeatpulse 8800 RTP

AGHeatpulse 8800 RTP