AGHeatpulse in-Situ Oxygen Monitor Upgrade

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AGHeatpulse in-Situ Oxygen Monitor Upgrade

As the Original Equipment Manufacturer for the AGHeatpulse Product Line, OEM Group’s team of expert engineers have developed the in-Situ Oxygen Monitor Upgrade for the AGHeatpulse 8108 and 8800.

If you are experiencing wafer scrap running your Metal RTA process on your AGHeatpulse, there’s a good chance there are Oxygen leaks in your system o-rings or seals. To correct this, many fabs choose to run a dummy wafer cycle to detect any unwanted oxygen in the system. This time consuming procedure creates loss in productivity and an increase in man hour costs. The OEM Group offers the in-Situ Oxygen Monitor upgrade designed specifically to eliminate the costs from loss of productivity and wafer scrap while adding uptime and reliability to your system.


  • Sensor: Rapid Response Sensor/Remote Mount
  • Measurement Range: 0-10PPM/0-100PPM/0-1,000PPM/0-10,000PPM/ 0-100% auto range or fixed range
  • Response Time: <10 sec. to PPM from air
  • Intrinsic Error (accuracy): At constant temperature: ±2% range
  • Alarm Outputs: Two alarms with adjustable form C relay outputs. Configurable for fail-safe or fail-alarm mode, ascending or descending trip. One system fault relay. One alarm/relay for sensor heater OK.
  • Sample Port: 1/8” compression type fittings on remote sensor module
  • Electrical Connections: Removable terminal blocks on back of analyzer
  • Power, Analyzer: 5W at 115/230VAC 50/60Hz, single phase
  • Warranty: Electronics and sensor: 6 Months
  • Weight: Analyzer: Less than 2 lb. (0.9 kg)

Features & Benefits

  • Compact Modular Analyzer
  • Easy to install with small footprint
  • Super Fast Response
  • Air to PPM (Parts Per Million) O2 in less than 10 seconds
  • Wide Measurement Range
  • Measure 100% to PPM O2 with one instrument during process
  • Long Life Sensor
  • 5 to 10 years expected Operational Life and unlimited shelf life
  • Low Maintenance Sensor
  • Will not dry out or freeze
  • Complete Field Retrofit Kits Available
  • Oven exhaust flange, double contained gas & exhaust plumbing

O2 Analyzer

O2 Analyzer Cable Interface Panel

Cable Interface Panel

O2 Analyzer Diagram

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