AGHeatpulse ez-DTC Control Upgrade

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AGHeatpulse ez-DTC Control Upgrade

As the Original Equipment Manufacturer for the AGHeatpulse Product Line, OEM Group’s team of expert engineers have developed the ez-DTC Upgrade for the AGHeatpulse 8108 and 8800.

The Enhanced Z-axis Direct Thermocouple Control (ez-DTC) is a repeatable, closed-loop, thermocouple-based temperature control system that provides temperature control at the wafer edge in a contact or non-contact mode at the wafer backside. The ez-DTC combined with the Ceramic Shield offers emissivity independence and the best across-the-wafer uniformity available on AGHeatpulse systems. As a standalone system, the ez-DTC offers repeatability superior to pyrometry and is a recommended option or retrofit for AGHeatpulse 8800 and 8108.

Superior backside insensitivity and improved repeatability result when using the ez-DTC in place of pyrometry without the Ceramic Shield. AGHeatpulse 8800 with the ez-DTC offers the highest throughput available, up to 50 wafers per hour, and is significantly less sensitive than pyrometry to emissivity variations caused by varying thicknesses or different layers on the wafer backside (see figure 1).

Direct Wafer Temperature Sensing:
Temperature results using AGHeatpulse 8800 with Ceramic Shield comparing ez-DTC vs. pyrometer control with varying backsides (emissivity range 0.4-0.9). Total Components of Variation (TCV) is all points, all wafers, ±3sigma. Repeatability of means and average across-wafer uniformity are also ±3sigma (see figure 2).

Features & Benefits Include:
Integrated design for performance and compatibility with the Ceramic Shield

  • Provides direct wafer temperature sensing

Consistent temperature repeatability

  • Offers 2½ times better repeatability than Open-Loop Intensity Control (OLIC)

Enhanced Z-axis vertical movement and micrometer control

  • Simplifies positioning

Separable silicon carbide probes and R-type thermocouples

  • User replaceable and cost effective

Reliable Long-lasting Thermocouple

  • Lifetime is 150,000 cycles

Easy to handle single piece quartz tray

  • Simple and quick maintenance and installation

eZ-DTC Control Upgrade

eZ-DTC Control Upgrade Chart

(figure 1)

eZ-DTC Control Upgrade Ceramic Shield Graph

(figure 2)

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