AGHeatpulse 8108 Nitrogen Curtain Upgrade

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AGHeatpulse 8108 Nitrogen Curtain Upgrade

As the Original Equipment Manufacturer for the AGHeatpulse Product Line, OEM Group’s team of expert engineers have developed the Nitrogen Curtain Upgrade for the AGHeatpulse 8108.

The Nitrogen Curtain, standard on the AGHeatpulse 8800, is an upgrade option for the AGHeatpulse 8108. It is designed to act as a barrier between the oven and environment and significantly reduce the amount of Oxygen that enter through the door into the oven. A dedicated nitrogen MFC provides high flow to the Nitrogen Curtain flange. This process enhancement significantly reduces ambient Oxygen levels that could cause reduced product yield.

The Nitrogen Curtain Upgrade is guaranteed to increase wafer yield by reducing ambient Oxygen level for sensitive metal anneal and silicide processes and improve wafer throughput by reduction of pre-Purge time. This upgrade can be installed in the field or at the OEM Group facility.


  • N2 Curtain Flange
  • Dedicated High Flow MFC
  • Welded SST Gas lines
  • Long End Effector
  • Scavenger Hood

Features & Benefits

  • N2 Curtain Flange positioned between oven & load door
  • No back flow of oxygen during wafer load/unload
  • Welded SST gas line to N2 curtain flange
  • Minimize pre-Purge time to improve wafer throughput
  • Dedicated MFC
  • Provides high flow to N2 Curtain flange

8108 Nitrogen Curtain Upgrade

Remote O2 Sensor Module & Remote Sensor

Oxygen Backflow Without N2 Curtain

Oxygen Backflow WITHOUT N2 Curtain

Oxygen Backflow with N2 Curtain

Oxygen Backflow WITH N2 Curtain

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