About OEM Group

OEM Group

About the OEM Group

OEM Group Mission:

By acquiring branded “best-in-class” semiconductor capital equipment and intellectual property, and then offering it globally from a centralized source, OEM Group is dedicated to serving both traditional semiconductor fabs, as well as emerging technologies. We are a cost-effective single source for fully-integrated equipment solutions, world-class global service and specialized applications development.

OEM Group:

With global headquarters in metro Phoenix, AZ and additional sites throughout the North America, Europe, Japan and Asia, OEM Group is a semiconductor capital equipment manufacturer and innovator in new and remanufactured 75mm – 200mm tools and services.

We serve the LED, MEMS, Wireless, Power, Energy Harvesting, WLP, Data Storage and Logic markets.

Our proven manufacturing procedures deliver production performance and process expertise demanded by today’s most competitive fabs.

OEM Group Product Lines include:

  • Tegal 900ACS-Series and 6500-Series (thin-film etch)
  • AMAT P5000 (CVD & etch)
  • Sputtered Films Endeavor (PVD)
  • MRC Eclipse (PVD)
  • AG Heatpulse (RTP)
  • Varian Sunset (implant)
  • Lam AutoEtch
  • Cintillio Spray Ozone Tool, Spray Acid Tool and Spray Solvent Tool
  • Semitool Spray Ozone Tool, Spray Acid Tool and Spray Solvent Tool, Spin Rinse Dryer, Scepter, and Storm

OEM Group also offers foundry services designed for piezoelectric AlN films and yield-optimization, Semitool spare parts, and product development and demonstration.


  • More than 250 employees in 10 countries
  • Combined team of the brightest, most dedicated experts from each acquisition
  • Manufacturing facilities:
    • Arizona, USA
    • Pennsylvania, USA
    • Shin Yokohama, Japan
    • Hsin Chu, Taiwan

Corporate Profile:

  • Founded: 1999, privately held
  • Fergal O’Moore – Executive Vice President of Global Sales
  • Mike Lombardi – Chief Operations Officer
  • Chris Forgey – Chief Technology Officer
  • Kevin Vestal – Chief Financial Officer

OEM Group Headquarters

Corporate HQ: Metro Phoenix, Arizona, USA

OEM Group Cleanroom

Arizona clean room: Class 1000 clean room has 12 dedicated manufacturing bays and capacity for up to 24 systems.

OEM Group Environmental Sustainability

OEM Group strives for environmental sustainability through the performance of our suppliers and our own recycling programs.