the most disruptive Spray Batch technology has arrived Expanded process and control windows Zero-maintenance tanks Advanced OS integrating predictive maintenance Innovative chamber design Common rotor design for multiple substrate sizes More Info More Info

Touch screen graphical control system Advanced diagnostics and prognostics Programmable non-contact N2 heater Quick ramp motor with precision spin speed

the #1 SRD
on the PLANET
just got better

more intelligent making your platforms automatic tracking of mechanical
components against manufacturers
recommended lifetime
critical component monitoring predictive maintenance easy reference for part ordering
built into software

OEM Group Announces Sale of SFI Endeavor, MRC Eclipse, AG Heatpulse and Tegal Product lines to Plasma-Therm.

OEM Group/Plasma-Therm Customer Communication Letter

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Production proven systems for both development and high volume 75mm to 300mm manufacturers of Optoelectronics, MEMS + Sensors, Discretes, and Advanced Packaging devices.

Celebrating 20 Years

Celebrating 20 Years

#1 install base of spray batch systems

#1 install base of
spray batch systems

Worldwide offices and distribution

Worldwide offices and distribution

2 Process Application Development Labs

Process Application Development Lab