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By acquiring “best-in-class” technologies and offering them globally from centralized sources, OEM Group serves both traditional semiconductor device makers as well as emerging technology sectors. An expert in 75mm – 200mm capital equipment, OEM Group serves the LED, MEMS, Power Electronics, Compound Semi, WLP and Logic & Memory industries.

Fully integrated solutions. World class service. Applications development. All from one cost-effective innovator.

Our proven LEGENDS technology portfolio is based on exclusive intellectual property acquired from leading semiconductor brands, including: Tegal (thin-film etch), Sputtered Films Endeavor (PVD), AMS (PVD), MRC Eclipse (PVD), AG Heatpulse® (RTP), Varian Sunset (Implant) and Lam Research AutoEtch. Within LEGENDS, and as part of our Chemical Process Technology group, we offer Cintillio-brand SOT, SST and SAT surface-preparation systems, as well as Spin Rinser Dryer (SRD), STORM and Sirius tools retained as a result of our 2011 Applied Materials/Semitool product line acquisition. And, thanks to a September 2012 global licensing agreement with Applied Materials, the latest LEGENDS family member is P5000, the industry’s most successful single-wafer, multiple-chamber CVD and etch processing platform.

IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium     See us at IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium, Chicago, IL September 3 - 6, 2014. Dr. Felmetsger, OEM Group PVD Process
    Development Manager, will be presenting on "P5A2 - Films and Devices"....on September 4th

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…our new global licensing
agreement and technology transfer with Applied Materials that allows us to manufacture, refurbish and upgrade P5000 systems